Monday, April 16, 2007

We Sold AVR Today

Aventine Renewable Energy (AVR) brought us a gain of 21.3%. We bought on February 1, 2007, so we owned the stock for 74 days. 365 divided by 74 equals 4.93. 4.93 x 21.3% = 105% annually. Pretty cool.

We have some cash now, so, maybe this one?


Or this one?


Or maybe the company you see by clicking on the title of today's post.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We Sold USPH Yesterday

We decided to take our gain on U.S. Physical Therapy (USPH). We bought on September 13, 2006 and sold on April 9, 2007 for a gain of 20.05%. How many days did we hold it? 30+31+30+31+31+28+31+28(days from March 13th to April 9th) equals 240 days. 365 divided by 240 equals 1.52. 1.52 x 20.05% = 30.48% annualized. As I have mentioned before, I don't know if this is the method the SEC approves of, but it's a basic math problem to me. As long as mistakes aren't made, I believe this formula comes close. I might have to check the math on the post from last week as this multiplier looks familiar.

Interestingly, Zacks has something good to say about USPH.

Click on the title of today's post to view the Google Finance page on USPH.

From the USPH website:

U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc. is the developer and operator of over 250 outpatient physical and occupational therapy clinics nationwide.

Our philosophy is to form a true partnership with therapists who have the skills, relationships, and drive to open their own outpatient therapy clinic. We combine your strengths, clinical skills and physician relationships, with our strengths, financial and operational support, to form a partnership that delivers high-quality care built around your treatment philosophy.

For 15+ years we have partnered with over 200 therapists across the country and helped them reach their dream of owning and operating their own therapy clinic. You have never seen a “U. S. Physical Therapy” clinic because they don’t exist; our clinics are individually named and operated by our partners. Our philosophy is to operate locally with partners who have a vested interest in their clinics success while providing them the support they need in a highly-regulated, competitive and ever-changing health care environment.

Our clinics are built around our partners and their skills and interests. As such, no two clinics are the same. We have clinics that specialize in sports medicine, hand therapy, spine, occupational medicine and some that do general therapy. We have many partners who have one facility and many others with multiple locations. The U.S. Physical Therapy partnership is what we as partners make of it, working together to develop opportunities in your market.

Friday, April 06, 2007

One Year At Scottrade

One year ago we bought Timberland (TBL) and the results were unfortunate. If we measure from that day, we achieved 5.27% increase in our total portfolio. Not stellar, but not terrible for our "shakedown cruise". I believe most people of at least average intelligence can do better with stocks than mutual funds. As we progress, I expect we will do that.

The one year mark is not necessarily a true measure for a couple reasons.

1) We deposited only 9.32% of the total funds we would deposit on April 6,2006.

2) We didn't deposit the other 90.68% of our funds until August 22, 2006.

How would we account for this lack of opportunity to invest funds? We could have possibly included the interest earned by the other funds from April 6 to August 22. I prefer to multiply each percentage by the amount of time the funds were available. I don't know if this is the way "they" do it. I am learning and looking for a reasonable method of calculation.

9.32% x 365 days = 34.02 days

90.68% x (7 months & 15 days or 31 days + 30 + 31 +30 + 31 +31 +28 + 15 =) 227 days = 205.84 days

34.02 + 205.84 = 239.86 which rounds up to 240 (days with the ability to invest)

365 days divided by 240 days equals 1.52

1.52 x 5.27 = 8.01

8.01% is closer to the respectable increase for which we are hoping.

Without Timberland we could have been in double digits, just by investing in a stock that broke even. The Google Finance page on TBL is below. In our back office at Scottrade, when I search TBL, they have its S&P ranking listed as 1 star (strong sell). I'm not exactly sure of all the ins and outs, but my guess is that that is not a good sign.

After the remainder of the money was deposited here are the first two posts. The very first post on this blog is quickly available by clicking on the title of today's post.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We Bought OPMR Earlier Today

We bought Optimal Group (OPMR) less than an hour ago. According to their website,

"Optimal Group Inc. is a leading payments and services company with operations throughout North America and the United Kingdom. "

Let's see if this one does better than our average holding.

Click on the title of today's post to see the Google Finance page on Optimal Group.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

3 Star Winners & 1 Not So Much

First the bad news

The McClatchy Co. (MNI) down 1.60%

Now, we have three stocks up over 2% today.

Aventine Renewable Energy (AVR) up 2.61%

Candela (CLZR) up 3.65%

Value Line (VALU) up 4.30%

Click on the title of today's post for the most recent article I've seen about AVR.

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